Earlier today, I had my attention drawn again to The Prelude by Wordsworth. This was a great favourite of an old friend, who encouraged a group of us to read it some years ago.  In Book VI (written 1805),Wordsworth refers to his friendship with Coleridge.

‘There is no grief, no sorrow, no despair,
No languor, no dejection, no dismay,
No absence scarcely can there be, for those
Who love as we do.’

A close friendship endures. Death of a close friend does not stop them living on in our thoughts. We are still aware of what they would think about events, ideas, thoughts. In our minds we still share memories.


Life is nothing without friendship.

A listening ear can be a lifeline,

an anchor and a means of hope.

Without friendship, life is diminished

desiccated. When found, that special

relationship restores, inspires.

Holding another’s life in mind with care

and understanding, makes for

a strong friendship, valued and rare.



Author: annedunford

Now fulfilling my ten year old self's ambition to become a writer - it's taken many years and a long,long winding road to get here! After a lifetime spent teaching, making miniature ceramics, returning to teaching and training, I am now indulging in a lifelong ambition to write!

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