If I Could Still theWind

I was reading Michael Woronko’s blog post today ‘Silencing the Wind – Creating moments of veneration for life and claiming stillness for ourselves.’ Thank you  – it got me thinking. He wrote about the deep silence we can find in the woods. On a walk recently, we were following a rushing stream and the roar of the waterfalls stayed with us for some time. But, as we turned away and walked deeper into the wood, the silence fell like a curtain with a soothing music of nothing.  Words would have broken the spell. We don’t experience moments like this every day, but when we do, they stay as rich memories; a feeling of love of not just for people but also our amazing natural world. A world where we can at times, in stillness, experience that feeling of oneness.

The thought of trying to still the wind came to my mind when I was writing a poem some years ago – this is one of the versions …

If I Could Still the Wind

If I could still the wind, I would

and surround you with a gentle breeze.


If I could control the sun, I would

and protect you from its blazing rays.


If I could master the moon, I would

and shed silver beams round your head.


If I could charm the seas, I would

and drift with you to foreign shores.


If I could measure my love, I would

and tell you I couldn’t love you more.



Author: annedunford

Now fulfilling my ten year old self's ambition to become a writer - it's taken many years and a long,long winding road to get here! After a lifetime spent teaching, making miniature ceramics, returning to teaching and training, I am now indulging in a lifelong ambition to write!

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