The Geese Return

It happens every year. It was difficult to believe when the old man told us – ‘Oh aye, ye’ll see, the day after the shooting season finishes, they’ll be back. They ken they’re safe then.’

Hard to believe, but true. As we walked along the same footpath the following day, there they were – thousands of Barnacle and Pink Foot. How they know remains a mystery, but somehow they know when it’s safe to come back. Up until then there had only been a few intrepid groups risking the aim of wildfowlers.

Now it’s March, and every day, we have the uplifting sight of the geese grazing on the merse and that wonderful sound as they call, rise, turn and land again on a newly favoured spot.

One day, I’ll capture the scene with my camera. But for now, just a few words … apologies if I’ve posted these before! Geese are one of the highlights of winter in this part of the world.

Geese in Winter

Sketching the glow of dawn

geese scribble their route westward.

Thousands – skein after skein

head for inland grazing.

At twilight they return

with their wild evensong

before settling on the merse

for another winter’s night.


Author: annedunford

Now fulfilling my ten year old self's ambition to become a writer - it's taken many years and a long,long winding road to get here! After a lifetime spent teaching, making miniature ceramics, returning to teaching and training, I am now indulging in a lifelong ambition to write!

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