Power of Words

I’ve just been reading an excellent piece by Michael Morpurgo in the Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/books/2018/may/07/michael-morpurgo-my-family-fought-for-peace-not-for-brexit (If I’d found out how to link it to facebook I would, but I’m still part way up a steep social media learning curve!)

It made me realise that writers like him can probably reach more people than many politicians. Think how many have either read War Horse or seen either the stage version or film. Think how many folk you have heard talking about it   – I’ve overheard two conversations in the last few days referring to it. Think how many will have read the book as a child and then thought more seriously about war and the disastrous long lasting effects as a result.

This weekend was the Spring Book Weekend in Wigtown and I was reading, alongside others from  A Kind of Stupidity cover.indd

None of us has the high profile of Michael Morpurgo, but hopefully the words within this anthology will make some people more aware of the futility of war and the atrocities inflicted on the innocent.