Apart from wanting to do something about getting my writing ‘out there’, I have an added incentive to work on putting a collection of my poems together.

Any money raised from sales of my anthology and readings will go to Arthritis Research UK and in particular research into fibromyalgia.

I have not only a husband, but also a son and daughter, suffering from this chronic condition. Not surprisingly, I would dearly like to read that one day soon, someone will discover a means of improving life for them and the many like them.

As it isn’t a terminal condition, fibromyalgia does not get the high profile support of other conditions. There is no cure as yet and people have to find a means of coping, knowing that they have to live with the chronic pain and fatigue for the rest of their lives. Not easy.

Some research is now being done. Arthritis Research UK is funding a study looking into the body and brain mechanisms of pain and fatigue in fibromyalgia, and also a study investigating the relationship between the weather and chronic pain.

Hopefully I can do something to raise awareness of this.