A Kind of Magnetism

Why is it that some places seem to have an almost magnetic pull? Others however don’t exactly repel but they leave us with the feeling that we don’t really want to go there again – they hold nothing for us, even though there is nothing obvious to dislike about them. They just don’t have that indefinable attraction. It’s an attraction that isn’t just in the attractive vernacular architecture – that may or may not be anything special. It’s the fact that there seems to be a warmth or, as someone described it, a ‘mellow’ feel about the place.

People are similar in this respect, in that we feel very much drawn to some folk – maybe if we could see auras or believed in them, would we see a rosy glow around them? Again, it’s that feeling of warmth as opposed to coldness or at least coolness that emanates from certain individuals.

Are these feelings innate? Are we born ‘warm’ characters or is it something that develops or not as we go through life? Is it something that we can work on, or is that unlikely – perhaps we either are naturally one or the other?  And maybe we might be quite unaware of the effect we have on others.

To go back to places; if we can find ourselves living in a place that has drawn us back time and time again, then that is almost certainly where we are meant to be and it would be a mistake to move away.

There are times, especially when on holiday, that some places seem attractive but just being there for a short time isn’t really a test of how it would be to live there. If going back time and time again, you find yourself leaving with a heavy heart, feeling that you’re leaving a part of you behind, then that’s another matter. If this is the case, the place and/or the people have really got under your skin and that’s where you should be living. So, sixteen years ago, after nearly two years of travelling to many different places house hunting, we found exactly where we wanted to be.