Buddha & Bluebells


This is one of my favourite places – Glenwhan Gardens in Dunragit -and May is one of the best months to visit here. I have often said that if there is such a place as heaven then, in my opinion, it will be like Glenwhan.

Here you can feel at peace. The gardens have such a calming effect that even on a day when there’s a breeze, it’s possible to just sit and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere that’s been created over many years by Tessa Knott.

Despite the car park seeming to be pretty full, there are so many paths and so many places to sit that it’s possible to walk all round without seeing more than a few people. Even though we live less than an hour away, it’s very tempting to book a holiday in either the Lodge or Shepherd’s Hut there.

To be able to spend days not just hours in such an environment would really be an idyllic holiday.

There was something about the Buddha in the bluebells this afternoon that compelled me to take more than one photograph. Looking at them now, I am back there surrounded by that peace and tranquility. I hope that others will feel the power of the peacefulness.