Nearly a month has passed since I last wrote anything on my blog. Time is flying by which seems very strange given all the restrictions at present  which mean that many things just can’t happen and in theory we should have more time on our hands.

This Christmas will be like no other in the past. We’ve never experienced a Christmas where we didn’t have family or friends in the house. It will seem quite odd but we look forward to the time when we can have a delayed celebration without masks and more than virtual hugs!

We can at least get out and walk and enjoy the natural world even on wet days. The countryside is a source of inspiration and consolation in these troubled times.

We’ve certainly had more rain than usual during the last few months and many of the field around here are waterlogged so there are a number of lochans (small lochs) becoming regular features in the landscape. These of course are an attraction for the birds.

Thinking of birds, we’ve had a woodpecker visiting the garden on a regular basis along with flocks of goldfinches, blue tits and great tits plus blackbirds and robins which expect a daily breakfast and lunch of mealworms on the patio. One female blackbird is getting too domineering and possessive though. She spends far too much time chasing others away so she can eat more. One day however the male got here first and ate over a dozen before flying away.

This time last year we climbed Cairnsmore on a beautiful day. The sun was shining and there was just a light covering of snow on the top – making it a perfect picture for our online Christmas card.