Inspired byWalking

This Christmas I’ve been reading a book about Andy Goldsworthy’s work.

Andy Goldsworthy’s Holes Sculptures

Andy’s sculptures

holes of



Sculpted holes

sculpted in slate

stone, brick, leaves.




ephemeral holes

producing an indelible memory.

Even a glimpse of



20181227_134408 (1)

I’ve been fascinated by his sculptures for many years. He uses stones, pebbles, wood, leaves etc. found walking in the countryside and by the sea. He too moved to Dumfries and Galloway and much of his inspiration comes from places within walking distance of his home.This afternoon we were walking along the coast near the Isle of Whithorn – for me the source of so much poetry. I think I’ve commented before on the fact that although we’ve travelled to many other places, most of my work has been inspired by this corner of south-west Scotland.

With a coastline like this

20181226_134238 (1)

where we can walk for hours without seeing another person; it’s a constant source of inspiration and a place that lifts the spirits no matter what the weather.

A Sense of Being

A sense of oneness,

after a search for meaning.

A sense of fullness,

when the mind is empty.

A sense of being,

when time stands still.