Lost Mind

This follows on from my previous post, although the poem was written many years ago after watching that very moving play which featured Judi Dench as Iris Murdoch.

Iris Murdoch is, or rather was, someone I admired enormously and I read her novels always looking forward to when her next would be published.  The first time I read this poem in public was back in 2004 (or it might have been 2005) when I was reading alongside Jackie Kay in a Poetry Doubles event in Dumfries – where an established poet was paired with a local newcomer on the poetry scene. A great opportunity for me.

Lost Mind

You had once a fine mind

but now, no longer.

Words will not come.

You can not find

those needed in the lumber

of your cobwebbed brain.

‘It’s only the postman.’

‘It’s only the postman.’

repeated childlike as he delivers

your latest book. We see

your words from a time past,

when words flowed

and that fine mind,

was not lost

in the search,