He’s there most days – surveying his territory. Sometimes standing motionless as if sculpted. Today the blue sky provided rather a nice backdrop – a contrast to some of the stormy grey we’ve had of late. I’ve yet to capture him against one of our beautiful sunsets though.

The Wigtown Book Festival started last Friday – hence the rather long silence and lack of writing anything here. So many thought provoking talks from a wide variety of authors. More on this at a later date. Just now, I need to take stock – rather like the gull.

On Saturday I’ll be listening to a man I greatly admire, someone I’ve written about before – Richard Holloway. He’ll be talking about his latest book Waiting for the Last Bus. As I mentioned on an earlier post, he has referred to amor fati – learning to accept the bad as well as the good things that we’re faced with. Today, I learned that a dear friend is about to¬† put that to the test as she waits for a major operation on her brain.

Somehow, the gull against the sky seemed a calming image to focus on.