Perfect Vision?

The year 2020 – will we all achieve perfect vision? We can hope that we will at some time in the future see the world as a better place than it is now. Fires engulfing continents, the longed for peace seeming impossible in some places, famine and homelessness in so many countries and as for the political situation in the UK – I shall stop there before this gets totally depressing.

We need to look for the positives in our lives, we need to hope that all is not lost, that things can improve. Sometimes people come into our lives that transform the way we see things. At Christmas we often work on a jigsaw together and that reminded me of the following poem that I wrote a while ago

Missing Piece

Until we met, life was incomplete

like a jigsaw unfinished.

Can I begin to say how I felt?

That elusive piece I searched for

seemed forever missing, lost

but needed, to complete my picture.

The straight edges were together,

corner pieces all in place

but a space remained, in the centre.

With you, I found the missing piece.

You gave me the shape I needed

to complete the puzzle.

Now, I have a picture, with pieces

fitting together. Will time leave that

jigsaw complete, out of the box?

I fear that time will take you away

and take that picture apart.

But we live for the now.