How Many More?

The days are lengthening, next weekend we’ll put the clocks forward . Spring is definitely here. The daffodils are in bloom, the leaves of wild garlic have suddenly lined woodland paths and now is  the time to prepare the vegetable plots for sowing and planting.

In the garden we can feel positive; life goes on in the natural world regardless of the mess humans are making of things.

Acceptance is one of the hardest lessons we have to learn. It doesn’t get easier as the years pass by and as we go though life, supposedly getting older and wiser, we need to keep reminding ourselves to do what we can , when we can and make the most of the ‘now’.

Carpe Diem but don’t expect life to be a bowl of cherries. It isn’t, and there are some things we can’t change. We have to accept that we can only strive to be aware, be conscious of what we can do to make ourselves and our world as good as it can be. We can’t afford to be complacent, to stop questioning, to stop hoping that things will get better.

Sometimes it’s hard to be positive.

How Many More?

spring is here

a time for sowing seeds

a time for new growth

yet we see death

every day

thousands killed

every day

how many more

for the grim reaper

before summer comes?


Sometimes things don’t go to plan…

I am not going to attempt to comment on Brexit other than this appalling mess we’re in now is thanks to someone thinking that he was sure he knew what the outcome would be. But things certainly didn’t go to plan and we’re the worse off for that.

However, this is not the best of times to send my blood pressure up. I shall refrain from thinking about politics and instead make only a light reference to the sad situation of many migrants in the following –

No Barriers

Nearly sunset

January sky soon to be a palette

for shades of evening light.



skeins of Barnacle geese head

back to feeding grounds.


Solway coast, haven to migrants

from Svalbard, welcomed



Their journey

free from barriers, unimpeded

by politics, prejudice.


Sometimes we need to get away from people and all the tensions of the modern day world. We need to clear our heads of the mindless activities of so many people in places of power.

Today I saw clusters of ladybirds,  sowed seeds, cleared weeds and watched goldfinches feeding. This is one part of the world that makes sense. The garden is going to plan, many of the geese have flown back to their home in the north. Sometimes, some things feel right …