Needing a 10 day week!

It has been too long since I last posted anything on my blog. A combination of a spring book festival here plus the weather deciding to warm up and the garden needing far more attention than it had been getting.

However, yesterday we took time out to go for a walk and the result was I managed to get one or two photos to go with a haiku …

Dor Beetle

20190513_143951 (1)


There on woodland paths.

Blue-green gems hidden under

your black overcoat.

20190513_145140 (1)


Stormy Weather

As the wind whips the long grass into Van Gogh seas and birds are tossed in the wind, the following haiku seem appropriate

Wind 1

Grasses form a sea

Land-locked waves undulating

Whispering secrets


Wind 2

Birds cling to branches

As the wind blows and buffets

Feathers versus force

On days like this we need a picture of stillness and peace to meditate on.

DSC01252 (1)

This can be found in one of my favourite gardens – Glenwhan, Dunragit


So much for good intentions. More than a week has passed since I posted anything on my blog and I can’t think what has happened to soak up all my time. Even emails have been neglected for days.

However, walks on the beach usually trigger thoughts and the last couple of days have done just that.  The amazing hot weather has slowed down the thought processes though and it might take a while for random thoughts to develop further.

Scoured by sea and sand

two thrones await king and queen

on the evening tide