A Restoration

After a trip south to much busier surroundings, it takes a while to recover. Brains can feel scrambled, thoughts disjointed and generally churned up.

Walks in woods, through hills or by the sea certainly help to restore peace of mind and calmness. Busyness is very disruptive to creative thinking and everyday living.

There are some quotations too that are worth reading and remembering. This is one quotation that I read at the end of a friend’s funeral last week and one that I have returned to day after day. There is much wisdom in many of the North American Indian sayings and the following blessing is one of them …

May the stars carry our sadness away,

May the flowers fill our hearts with beauty.

May hope forever wash away our tears,

And above all may silence make us strong.


Silence is powerful and true silence is in short supply in today’s world. If we can find it, then it’s a deep well to draw upon and to restore jaded minds.