Time for Reflecting

As the year draws to an end it’s usually a time for reflection as well as planning for the future. Some time ago a friend reminded me of a quotation by Kierkegaard – ‘Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.’ Looking back over the past year and things that have happened, we might begin to understand why certain things had to happen although at the time it didn’t seem obvious. There are certainly times when we feel that we don’t have complete control over our lives and wonder more than once how we came to do something or go somewhwere.

A wise old friend once told me that we should accept the hard times when life doesn’t seem to be going smoothly because those are the times when we grow, when we learn and develop. That comes back to Nietzsche and ‘amor fati‘ – that I referred to in an earlier post.

I was reading Steven Gambardella’s blog   Lessons from History earlier today and he wrote -Nietzsche compels us to find the courage to listen. If we can find the strength to find a “why” to live, we can bear almost any “how”.

In spite of the colder weather, now is a good time to get out into the hills, forests or down by the coast to look around and let our minds soak up the beauty and get things in perspective.


A Sense of Being

A sense of oneness,

after a search for meaning.

A sense of fullness,

when the mind is empty.

A sense of being,

when time stands still.



Season of Light

This week we saw the first geese of the season – three skeins heading inland to feed during the day before returning to the bay in the evening.  The sound of geese calling is such an evocative, almost primeval, cry that it stirs something deep inside. It’s a sound that people have heard for centuries. A sound unchanged by modern civilisation.

As weeks go by, we’ll gradually see more and more geese as they arrive here for the winter. One of the wonders of this time of year.

This evening, the sky over the hills had that soft glow that makes this such a special time  – fiery autumn leaves back lit by low sunlight and indoors the warm glow from a blazing log fire.


Soft, misty clouds

cover the hillside in waves.

Not a dying time

a season of light.

Each leaf that falls, a symbol

of life yet to come.