Season of Light

This week we saw the first geese of the season – three skeins heading inland to feed during the day before returning to the bay in the evening.¬† The sound of geese calling is such an evocative, almost primeval, cry that it stirs something deep inside. It’s a sound that people have heard for centuries. A sound unchanged by modern civilisation.

As weeks go by, we’ll gradually see more and more geese as they arrive here for the winter. One of the wonders of this time of year.

This evening, the sky over the hills had that soft glow that makes this such a special time  Рfiery autumn leaves back lit by low sunlight and indoors the warm glow from a blazing log fire.


Soft, misty clouds

cover the hillside in waves.

Not a dying time

a season of light.

Each leaf that falls, a symbol

of life yet to come.