Seal Song

After a rather busy spell, yesterday was spent walking from the Isle of Whithorn to Burrowhead and back to the Isle along the coastal path. Time spent by the sea is usually relaxing, often inspiring and inevitably therapeutic. So, a walk was called for.

This time we were blessed with an unexpected serenade from grey seals. The male was lounging on the rocks below the cliff path and initially we were attracted by others splashing about in the water. At first we saw two then three, four others. The singing began as their movements grew calmer. How many were singing we couldn’t tell, but the haunting calls filled the air and although I hardly ever sing, I couldn’t help but answer their calls. Those notes were low enough to be within my range.

It was so easy to see how myths and legends could be built around these creatures. The singing continued for a long time. We walked miles before we were out of earshot and their mesmerising calls were enchanting. I needed a camera with a powerful zoom but this is the best shot I could get. These are scenes and sounds that will stay with us for ever. Eventually I’ll add a poem that will hopefully capture the memory.

DSC00768 (1)