Balancing Life

Writing can be a solitary business and it always helps to have support and inspiration from others.

Dawn Bauling of Indigo Dreams has been very encouraging. She has published a number of my poems over the years in various editions of their poetry magazine The Dawntreader. In 2013 my poem Balancing Life was published along with a photograph taken by Les on Monreith beach a couple of years earlier. Life with fibromyalgia can involve rather a lot of balancing of time, energy and a lot more.

Balancing Life


precarious no visible

means of support,

one on top of another.

Curious he stared, wondered at

this slender base bearing such



‘Life’s all a matter of balance,’

he said, ‘don’t collapse, try

to keep hold of  positives,

don’t let negatives win.

Balancing life

is an art