Sometimes ‘Life’ gets in the way

Last month I failed to keep to my target of writing on my blog at least once a week or every ten days. Hopefully life will have settled down now and I can get back into some sort of routine.

The desire or need to write is something that has always been there in my life, but there are times when other aspects become more demanding and have to take priority.

I found out yesterday that St Catherine of Siena only learnt to read and write as an adult – just a few years before she died aged only 33. To go through life not being able to either read or write is still a reality for some. In this day and age it’s almost impossible to get by without having the skill to read and write at least to the equivalent age of a nine year old. So many every day tasks involve reading. For those who find it difficult there is help available but it isn’t easy to admit you need it.

This is work that I was involved with for many years and recently I have started to revisit the subject.  More on this later …