Reading other blogs?

Reading other people’s blog posts often triggers a train of thoughts and that happened this morning after I’d read one of Dan Pederson’s.

He was writing about goal setting. ‘Life is too short to be driven by goals alone. Live with purpose. Goals keep us focused on things that haven’t happened, while purpose keeps us focused on what’s happening right now.’ 

I have always worked best when there’s a deadline I have to meet. Sometimes that might be a self- imposed deadline. This could be interpreted as a goal. But, when I am working towards it I have a purpose and it makes me focussed on what I’m doing at the time. For many years I’ve been meaning to put together a collection of my poems – some published in various poetry magazines, some featured on on-line sites and others haven’t seen daylight beyond these four walls, or may have occasionally have been read at open mic sessions.

Publishing a collection was a goal that I failed to achieve  – years went by when it hadn’t happened. So – this year, I decided that I would put my poems to a good use – to raise awareness of fibro-myalgia. Proceeds from the sale of the book and any promoting events will go to Arthritis Research UK – a body that is researching the cause of fibro-myalgia and hopefully a cure (reasons for choosing this have been given in an earlier blog). This has given me a definite purpose and the collection, ‘From the Mountains to the Sea’ illustrated with photographs will be launched later this year. Watch this space please!