Reading a post by Jan Fortune this morning on Medium, I was encouraged by the following

Writing is powerful and we want it to be brilliant. No writer should be content with dull prose clogged with adjectives and exposition. No writer should be happy with didactic, sentimental poetry. No blogger should want to bore people. But it doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, it can’t be perfect.

Yesterday I reluctantly handed over a couple of pieces of writing to be read next Wednesday at the 20th anniversary celebration of Wigtown as Scotland’s National Booktown. I’d been asked to write a couple of poems and my end result was – in my opinion – not poetry but doggerel. Even after drafting and redrafting, I still wasn’t happy with the result. However, it was approved of so I let it go. I just have to accept that sometimes a deadline means that some things can’t be left indefinitely on the back burner for redrafting.