Silent Streets

This evening, four of us stood (two metres apart naturally) having a conversation in the middle of the road. This is becoming the norm – but how strange and unlikely that would have seemed had someone told us five weeks ago that we’d be able to do that.

As we continued on our walk, all that could be heard was the sound of birds – and this a Saturday evening. Apart from during the book festival, our small town is never really busy, there is never a lot of traffic noise, but the silence is taking a while to get used to. It’s like the silence after a very heavy snow fall but the daffodils are in full bloom, the trees are all coming into leaf or covered in soft pink blossom and just occasionally the sound of a lawnmower shatters the peace.

We are fortunate living where we do – we have a garden that keeps us busy, we can go for walks and see mountains, fields and the sea. For us life is different but still good. We are thankful for that but there is a shadow cast when we remember others …

Worlds About Us April 2020

We live in surreal times

life has changed with

relationships once close

now only virtual links



Covid 19 self- isolation

social-distancing now

enter our vocabulary


yet we can see how

around us – in another world

the natural world

there’s no isolation here


groups of swallows arrive

skeins of geese will soon depart

robins have paired up

the music of many bees


accompanies us as we sit

seek solace in the garden

where life thankfully

seems normal


on an evening walk

the air is full of insects

swallows skimming past

feasting on their fast food


indoors –  internet news

brings graphic horrors

of disease and war

with this hidden enemy


less thought now for

ongoing wars with famine

refugees – millions fleeing

drowning dying day by day


facing both seen and unseen enemies

that’s their reality – cruel not surreal


A Restoration

After a trip south to much busier surroundings, it takes a while to recover. Brains can feel scrambled, thoughts disjointed and generally churned up.

Walks in woods, through hills or by the sea certainly help to restore peace of mind and calmness. Busyness is very disruptive to creative thinking and everyday living.

There are some quotations too that are worth reading and remembering. This is one quotation that I read at the end of a friend’s funeral last week and one that I have returned to day after day. There is much wisdom in many of the North American Indian sayings and the following blessing is one of them …

May the stars carry our sadness away,

May the flowers fill our hearts with beauty.

May hope forever wash away our tears,

And above all may silence make us strong.


Silence is powerful and true silence is in short supply in today’s world. If we can find it, then it’s a deep well to draw upon and to restore jaded minds.

Finding Solitude

Sometimes we need to escape from the noise and demands of C21st life and find a way to recharge our batteries. Living near the sea in a quiet corner of Scotland certainly helps.



I sit on the rocks alone.

Evening sun casts a soft light over

shimmering sand and sea.

Footprints of others

are gently washed away

by the incoming tide.

A choir of keening oystercatchers

has left the shore.

All is quiet.

Discordant thoughts  – expand

tumble into the silence

shatter the peace.

Gradually, the rhythmic sound of

waves washing the shore performs

a therapeutic mental massage.


Peace drifts in with the tide.