On My Knees

Another Sunday, it was feeling more like summer yesterday and I was on my knees – weeding. This is not an activity I would have thought conducive to meditation but it’s amazing just how absorbing and therapeutic that task can be. The silence was broken by an occasional cry from a buzzard way overhead or  sparrows squabbling in the hedge and bees delighting in the explosion of blossom.

Sunday Morning

I am on my knees, weeding.

Thugs invaded the gravel path

so one by one they’re evicted

re-housed in a trug.

I am on my knees, weeding

yet this isn’t just gardening.

The steady repetitive action

becomes a meditation.

I am on my knees, weeding

‘When you are sweeping a path,

know you are sweeping a path.’

a well-known Zen  lesson.

I am on my knees, weeding

I know I am weeding.

Yes it is Sunday morning

but I am on my knees – weeding.

No penance, no punishment

it’s a therapeutic meditation.

It’s Sunday morning –

I am on my knees, weeding.

At the end of the day, one of our beautiful sunsets – just inviting me to gaze, and soak up the peace. All the birds have gone to roost and there’s no wind to rustle the leaves.